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Home and Hearth- We say BYE to the Beast from the East!

What miserable weather we have all been having recently! Whether it was wind, rain or snow- the UK has certainly had a tough time of it.   Were you out, enjoying a day of sledging on the drifts? Or did you take the day to relax, preferring to stay warm inside and catch up on some quality TV?  I think we are all happy to say goodbye to the Beast from the East! However it does seem that more wind and rain is set to continue across the UK during this week.  Here at Sheila Maid® we have a selection of products that really make life easier.   Whether it is fireside buckets, boot scrapers to door steps - we have it...

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Winter is Coming...

Winter is Coming... Winter is swiftly approaching. We can all feel it can't we?! The morning dew is more like frost and there is a tingle in the air that signifies the coming of winter... Nights are getting darker sooner, and mornings are generally a pretty miserable affair... It's also that time of year when hot chocolate sales surge and the hedgehogs get ready to go for a prolonged nap... #Jealous #I-want-to-be-a-hedgehog.    But in the home there are certain steps that you can take to ensure you have winter proofed your home. For example, it would be initially wise to get up on the roof and have a look at the guttering. Last thing you need in mid December...

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Sheila Maid ® The Domestic Fairy Godmother

As the summer months approach, the indoor dryers can take a sigh of relief as their long and strenuous winter shift is now coming to a conclusion. Soon, households across the UK can expect to dry their laundry outside in the glorious summer sunshine - one problem... that statement is complete fiction and the weather this summer will probably be like last summer... grey, rainy and miserable with unpredictable 'sunny spells'.  But fear not, for we showcase to you, The Sheila Maid ® clothes airer. Dispatched from our factory in Angus, the Sheila Maid ® clothes airer is a brand that was established over 40 years ago and today is the most iconic ceiling hanging clothes airer in the world. In...

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