The Big Spring Clean is Nearly Here... Need Some Interior Ooomph?!

Interior Design

It's nearly spring again. The Christmas decorations have all come down and the house is feeling a bit bare.
Everyone knows that the big Spring clean is almost upon us - where we find our missing sock behind the radiator and the old cat biscuits under the fridge (how does she always get them in there?!).
However this month is also an optimal time for redecorating and revitalizing your living space. 
In today's blog, the Sheila Maid®Team will be discussing the upcoming interior design trends and pairing them with the perfect Sheila Maid®
The iconic energy saving Sheila Maid® clothes airer comes complete with everything that you need to install it: wooden rails, 2 cast iron rack ends, a single pulley, a double pulley, a cleat hook and a 10m Pulley Rope, which is UK manufactured. Alternatively, parts can also be ordered separately, ensuring a fully customised experience!

Grey Interiors

Grey is still set to be a huge trend in 2018, however this year it is best paired with splashes of bold, moody colours. We recommend plush fabrics and rich tones to give a sense of opulence. 

Sofa Moody Grey Red Blue

The Sheila Maid Original® comes in a lacquered finish to the clear-coated cast iron. This colour compliments perfectly a grey colour scheme. This Sheila Maid® stays timeless and classic. 

Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - Original

White is always right!

White is still in. However, recently it is all about being paired with caramels for its softening effect. Think beautiful warm woods married with bright white linens and textiles. Invest in a design piece to really set off the room.  

The Sheila Maid in White® is the perfect fit for those in love with the new white trend of 2018. This energy saving airer is beautifully understated; the perfect match for those who love  minimalist elegance.  

 Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - White

Green Growth

Green is moving away from vivid tropical prints and is heading towards lush, true greens. Rich shades of green combined with real vegetation will ensure you hit this trend straight on!  

Our Sheila Maid in Green® brings a little of the outdoors inside. This deep forest green colour is right on trend and is both a gorgeous and practical addition to the home. 

Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - Green

Coastal Blue

It seems the tide has come in and has given coastal blue a whole new outlook. Fresh, crisp and clean: the focus has shifted to contrasting textures with deep nautical tones. Think deep denim and moody indigo paired with reflective teals - this scheme just got a sophisticated update. 

The Sheila Maid in Cornflower Blue® is a breath of fresh air. For those who aren't afraid to add colour to their home - this is the airer for you!   

Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - Cornflower Blue

Dark Pieces

This year, furniture is going dark. Statement pieces are set to be back in black, giving us all retro glamour vibes. 

The Sheila Maid in Black® is perfect for this trend. A stylish statement piece that is both practical and money saving is a perfect item to us! 

Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - Black


Terracotta Vibes

Terracotta and travel are set to be hot, hot, hot! Beautiful warm colours and bold patterns are going to be taking centre stage and we can't wait! Best coupling vibrant clay colours with earthy textures. 

The Sheila Maid in Red® is a fantastic option for those who love a brighter interior. This Sheila Maid® is bold and proud. It is a standout piece that will inject warmth into your home. Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - Red

 Soft Cream with Metallics

Cream may have been seen as white's boring relative. However this year - it is back and with a brand new edge. Teamed with plenty of metallic: we are in love with the new way to use cream in 2018!

The Sheila Maid in Cream® is an impeccable option for those who prefer subtlety. This energy saving airer is refined yet simple and is suited to a neutral scheme.   

Sheila Maid Airer 4 Rail - Cream

We are very passionate about our Sheila Maid® as we know the quality is unrivalled. In comparison to a traditional tumble airer, the Sheila Maid® doesn't rely on electricity: this not only prevents your clothes from being over-dried, it also helps save you money. As we say "Often copied but never equalled, the Sheila Maid® is the eco way to dry each day."
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
the Sheila Maid® Team today. 
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