Sheila Maid ® The Domestic Fairy Godmother

Sheila Maid ® The Domestic Fairy Godmother

May 10 , 2017

Shona Young

As the summer months approach, the indoor dryers can take a sigh of relief as their long and strenuous winter shift is now coming to a conclusion. Soon, households across the UK can expect to dry their laundry outside in the glorious summer sunshine - one problem... that statement is complete fiction and the weather this summer will probably be like last summer... grey, rainy and miserable with unpredictable 'sunny spells'. 

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But fear not, for we showcase to you, The Sheila Maid ® clothes airer. Dispatched from our factory in Angus, the Sheila Maid ® clothes airer is a brand that was established over 40 years ago and today is the most iconic ceiling hanging clothes airer in the world.

In Scotland it is known as a pulley, in England as a creel and in the USA a Sheila Maid. Though terminology may differ - there is one universal language; the Sheila Maid is an economical and reliable airer!

The Sheila Maid ® looks stylish, the brackets come in a variety of colours and there are multiple lengths and sizes to accommodate even the smallest space. You don't need to have a medieval pantry or a laundry room to reap the rewards from one of these! They look quite at home in any modern kitchen, which is surprising considering airing pulleys have been around since the Victorian era - and the concept has hardly changed!

But there are more than one singular use for a Sheila Maid ® airer! With the addition of 'S' hooks, it is possible to hang pans and kitchen utensils. Furthermore, the Sheila Maid could be installed in the garden shed, and used to tie flowers or herbs and hanging baskets as so to keep them safe, elevated from the shed floor. Tools could also be mounted on the rails of the Sheila Maid ® and thus, there is more than just one use for this traditional airer. Sheila Maid ® also stock a variety of spares and replacements such as the newly launched premium jute rope which is longer than the standard rope and is made from natural fibres. Extras can really enhance your ceiling airer and give the user the opportunity to customise the airer to their preferred spec.

But let's not forget the Sheila Maid's core responsibility - and that is to embrace the role of a domestic fairy godmother and to ensure your beloved garments are drying efficiently! By choosing the Sheila Maid ceiling airer you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money. No more expensive tumble-drying, and no more 'cooked' clothes. There is nothing worse than buying a new top only for it to be creased and crinkled after the first wash!

Make the most of the space in your home by installing a Sheila Maid ® pulley airer. The ceiling airer hoists your laundry out of the way, (no more awkward floor-standing clothes dryers to trip over) and allows warm air to rise naturally - drying your clothes in 'no time at all'. You will never need to place a damp item on a radiator again - it really is healthier, cheaper and kinder to the environment.

Does the Eco-friendly and efficient Sheila Maid ® sound of value to you and your home? Check out our range of sizes and colours here. This post has been written and created by Sheila Maid ® - the official owner of the iconic Sheila Maid ® ceiling mounted airer. For quality, reliability and assurances, visit Sheila Maid ®. Accept no substitute - often copied, never equalled!