S Hooks For Sheila Maid® Airer Versatile Sheila Maid ® Accessory

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Chrome Plated S Hooks
Chrome Plated S Hooks
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Versatile Sheila Maid® Accessory

Metal S hooks with ball tip are a useful and versatile accessory for your Sheila Maid ® airer be it for the garden shed, kitchen or laundry room.

An excellent quality hook, suitable for hanging items from your airer.

You may buy S hooks for many reasons -

Perfect for hanging pans or utensils in a kitchen.

Great for drying flowers or herbs.

Useful for hanging-baskets.

Hanging garden tools in the shed and keeping items off the shed floor.

Can be used for keeping cables out of the way etc.

Pack of 10

Material - Chrome Plated

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