Cast Iron Wall Cleat for the Sheila Maid® Airer

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Sheila Maid® Replacement Hook
Sheila Maid® Replacement Hook
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A Replacement Cast Iron Wall Cleat (Hook) for the Sheila Maid® Clothes Airer

The wall cleat or hook is to be positioned in a convenient place for ease of raising and lowering your Sheila Maid® airer. The Sheila Maid® rope is then to be secured onto the wall cleat.

TIP: Consider tying two knots in your pulley rope (the looped length that hangs down and is secured to the airer wall cleat). The first knot should be positioned so that the knot can be hung over the cleat, keeping the Sheila Maid® at its highest desired level. The other, lower knot, can be positioned so that it can be slung on the cleat hook, and the Sheila Maid® is positioned at a convenient height for hanging your laundry over the airer. By doing this you can quickly raise and lower your Sheila Maid without having to stop to wind the rope onto the cleat in a 'figure of eight'!

Screws and raw plugs included.

Overall length: 100mm (4in)

Fixing plate length: 40mm

Width: 25mm



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