The Sheila Maid® Airer -  a classic from a bygone age.

In Great Britain throughout the 18th and early 20th century no kitchen, wash-house or scullery was complete without a ceiling mounted, pulley operated clothes airer. However, during the middle part of the twentieth century the advent of tumble dryer led  to the "pulley" or "creel" falling out of favour.  In 1986, Sheila Johnston, realised that due to environmental concerns over use of fossil fuels and also the damaging effects of repeated tumble drying on laundry, the time was right to re-introduce this iconic item to the market, and so was born the Sheila Maid®. The first product - the iconic 4 rail airer with clear coated cast iron metal parts  - was soon making a comeback in British households and the range was expanded to include more colour choices and a range of sizes. News of the benefits and ease of use the Sheila Maid® soon spread beyond home shores, and demand resulted in the growth of  world-wide export markets.

The original "Sheila" retired in 2007 and the production and distribution of the Sheila Maid® moved to a new home in the county of Angus, Scotland. From here the brand has continued its growth and development and is now recognized as the market leader for quality, style and customer service.

Tried, tested and loved by generations of happy users, the Sheila Maid®  airer has regained its rightful place as an integral and indispensable part of the kitchen or utility room.   

Often copied but never equalled, the Sheila Maid® is the eco way to dry each day.