Replacement FSC Wooden Rails for Sheila Maid® Airer- Kiln Dried Pine

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Sheila Maid Replacement Wooden slats FSC High quality wood
Sheila Maid Replacement Wooden slats FSC High quality wood
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Replacement  FSC Wooden Rails For Sheila Maid ® Airer

Set of 4 or 6 Rails - For all Sheila Maid® Products

Occasionally it maybe necessary to replace your wooden rails.

A set of 4 or 6  replacement rails is now available for your Sheila Maid®.

We are unable to ship any less due to high shipping costs for lengths.

Choose from our 3 standard rail lengths. (Remember the wood is easy to trim)

The wood we use for our wooden rails is carefully selected by us from sustainable resources. We use a redwood pine that is sourced in Scandinavia. The wood is kiln-dried and given no further treatment. This provides you with a durable rail that will stand up to many years of drying.

Remember... if our set lengths do not suit your ceiling space, the wooden slats can easily be trimmed with a small hacksaw to fit your exact space.

The dimensions of the wood is 14mm x 32mm and comes in a set of 4 or 6 Rails.

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