Sheila Maid ® Replacement Rack Ends - 7 Colours Available!

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Sheila Maid Replacement Rack Ends
Sheila Maid Replacement Rack Ends
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Sheila Maid® Replacement Parts

Replacement rack end for the Sheila Maid® pulley - Fits both 4 Rail & 6 Rail width.

If you require replacement rack ends for your Sheila Maid® then you can purchase them here as we are the only producer of authentic Sheila Maid® parts.

You can purchase as a single item or a pair for your clothes airer.

These sturdy cast pieces come in 8 colours: Original, Black, Blue, Red, White, Ivory, Grey and British Racing Green.

The size of the racks are:

4 rail Sheila Maid is 15.5″ wide (39.5cm)wide. Holds 4 slats of wood.

6 rail Sheila Maid is 22″ wide (56cm). Holds 6 slats of wood - (50% more drying space).

These quality cast pieces bare the Trade Mark of the Original Sheila Maid® Clothes airer and thus are official merchandise of the brand.

We are the only stockist of authentic Sheila Maid ® parts - Racks, Single and Double Pulleys.

Replacement slats and ropes also available.

The Sheila Maid® - "The Eco way to dry each day".



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