Sheila Maid ® Pulley Cotton Rope with Fleck

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Sheila Maid ® Pulley Cotton Rope with Fleck
Sheila Maid Cotton Rope
Sheila Maid ® Pulley Cotton Rope with Fleck
Sheila Maid Cotton Rope
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Sheila Maid ® Pulley Rope with Cotton Fleck

At 10 metres in length (Standard Length), these are a unique range of cords that will add a nice stylish finish to your Sheila Maid® clothes airer. Our Sheila Maid® pulley cotton rope is strong and specifically manufactured to use with our pulley.

The Cotton rope is 10 metres in length, and it is the standard size supplied with a Sheila Maid®. Longer plain ropes are available. Your ropes will need replacing in time, depending on use, so why not make a statement with this rope.

The Sheila Maid® Pulley rope is Made in the UK. You can choose one of  4 colour combinations, red and white, black and white, brown and white and dark green and white. Instruction for re-threading  your Sheila Maid® is on the reverse of the Label.

Please Note. We suggest that you check your rope regularly for wear and replace if in any doubt over its functionality. Also, do check that your Pulley wheels are aligned, as misaligned pulleys will cause extra wear on your rope, which in-turn can lead to fraying and possible snapping! 

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